Puppet theatre - 3 fairy tales


Theater with puppets for 3 fairy tales.


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Why can I make you happy?

- You can put on an evening performance in under a minute - I include theatre, puppets, scripts and backdrops

- I'm made in the family workshop at Masks, where they have been making puppets for over 50 years for 3 generations at the top level

- Only here you can get props, extra backgrounds and lots of puppets for new fairy tales and scripts for free

- They will ship me FREE!

A distinguished audience, this theatre is unique. I'm a puppet theater for children ready to perform 3 fairy tales. I include a set of puppets and scripts that you can use to act out Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread House, The Pot, the Cook, and that's not counting the stories you make up yourself.

In addition to the puppets and puppet theatre, you also have 4 different backgrounds and everything stows away nicely in a case. The actual unfolding and re-packing takes no more than a minute. So you can easily take the scene from the kids' room to grandma's. She'll be watching you act.

We're real puppets. No substitutes. The Masks have been making puppets for over 50 years, so they know how to do it. Even preschoolers can control us, and we can move our arms, sit, kneel and lie down. The more dexterous will soon learn to walk. Yet we control ourselves with only a wooden stick with two strings.

And finally, a surprise. You can get other characters, backgrounds and props from us. So you will never get tired of this puppet theatre - and we are inventing more and more accessories every moment.

Loutkové divadlo - 3 pohádky

Contents of the package:

Wooden suitcase with complete theatre and puppets - 40x45x8 cm

7 puppets size 14 cm (Girl, Boy, Grandma, Mom, Hunter, Ježibaba, Wolf - flat puppet)

Front portal with curtain

Rear portal to attach the backdrop

Paper background - forest, village, world, gingerbread house

Clamping pins for background

3 scenarios - Little Red Riding Hood, Gingerbread House and Mug, Cook!

Loutkové divadlo - 3 pohádky

Theatre Material:

- Birch plywood (trunk/theatre base), MDF (front and back portal, floor/lid)

- The theatre is solid and relatively light, the portal is printed directly on the material

Puppet material:

- Wood, textile, ABS

You can conveniently combine us:

Puppets 14 cm - 17 types of puppets and more to be added according to your wishes

Puppets with an idea 15 cm - the cheapest real puppets

Accessories and scenarios - unique wooden props and various scenarios for free

Loutka babičkaLoutka KarkulkaLoutka Ježibaba

What your puppet theatre play can look like:

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vše v pořádku, rychlé doručení
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Dobrý den, kupovala jsem pro vnuka k 3-narozeninam. Byla to super volba,loutky krásná práce,dobrá velikost a výborná kvalita . Maximální spokojenost, vřele doporučuji.
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Solidní obchod, od objednávky k doručení maximální spokojenost. Zboží dostatečně zabalené. Malý zákazník nadšený . Jen tak dál .
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addslušné jednání
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