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I'm big enough, wooden and solid

In the package I have a puppet theater, 4 nice sets, 4 fairy scenes and 2 puppets

You can supplement me anytime with dozens of puppets from our workshop

Finally, a set for the little thespians. Even the little ones can play with me. I'm a fully equipped puppet theatre with a Dog and Cat that you can start playing with right away. The puppets are threadless, even preschoolers can handle them. However, you'll also find sets for other fairy tales in the set, so next time you just need to get the puppets you need.

I've meticulously made a wooden puppet theatre designed for 15 -25 cm puppets, they can play happily with me, they have plenty of space and they are all visible. Puppets and You will find 4 scenes for your games to play with me: The castle hall where perhaps the princess can marry the prince, the road to the castle where perhaps the cat in the boots has an argument with the Nutcracker, the deep woods where Hansel and Gretel are likely to get lost and the room in the cottage where grandma is probably asleep and hears the wolf knocking. And the forest includesa tree and a bush, the castle a throne , and the cottage a table, and you'll find those here too. They're four nice wooden freestanding sets. And of course there's a red velvet curtain. And for those who don't know how to start, I have a script for a fairy tale called "How Honza conquered the dragon", featuring the Nutcracker, the prince, the princess, Honza and the dragon. And a wise lady confided in me that playing in my puppet theatre allows children to tell stories and talk to the puppets. Playing in this way encourages imagination, vocabulary development and the ability to learn and concentrate. You have to buy the puppets separately, depending on what you want to play. So come on! The curtain opens!



width 59 cm, height 35 cm, depth 29 cm, height of the opening on the front portal 30 cm



Front portal, base (2 wooden prisms), 4 scenes (castle hall, the road to the castle, in the cottage and the forest), 4 sets - tree, bush, throne and table, script of the fairy tale How Honza overcame the dragon, Puppet without threads Pejsek, Puppet without threads Pussycat

Can be combined: Wooden puppets 20 cm, puppets without threads, classic puppets, puppets of Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre, accessories and scenarios. It is possible to combine them with idea puppets (they have shorter arms and you can see the hand of the player when playing) and in the future they can be replaced by 20 cm puppets.

Design: Emil Hauptmann

Producer: Masek

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